Welcome to The Duchess Beauty Salon (our new name after Easter) where we provide result driven treatments. We offer a wide range of hands-on and technological treatments and therapies to help Ladies and Gentlemen look and feel their best. 

Please book a complimentary consultation to discuss any concerns that you may have. We will tailor our treatments to suit your needs.

Do you want to...

  • Have Chip Free Nail Polish for up to 3 weeks ?
  • Look your Best for a Special Event?
  • Overcome Aches & Pains?
  • Age Gracefully?
  • Look and Feel Less Tired?
  • Remove Unwanted Hair at a very reasonable cost?
  • Correct Skin Problems and Improve Skin Tone?
  • Drop a Dress Size to Help you Look Your Best?
  • Treat your Loved one with our Pamper Vouchers?

We offer the most comprehensive range of beauty and treatment services in Bath and beyond.

Our expertise is recognised by our product and equipment providers.  We carry the most highly regarded products normally found in the most exclusive Spas.  Why?  We are passionate about what we do and only the best is good enough!  We invest in treatments which deliver results rather splashing the cash on window dressing - although your comfort is very important to us.

We work in partnership with a number of hotels in the Bath area to offer group bookings, special occasion treatments (you provide the champagne, we provide the crystal flutes as we don't have a licence) and in-hotel room visits. Please contact us with details of your requirements. We offer nail art and manicure parties (minimum age 12 - no upper limit).  Demonstrations, talks and pamper me home/venue bookings taken within the Bath area.

We offer a full range of Treatments: Massage Therapies,Threading, Waxing, Facial Treatments, Non- Surgical and Ultimate Face-Lifts; Skin Photorejuvenation to remove pigmentation, fine wrinkles and acne scars; Microdermabrasion.  We also offer wonderful everlasting manicures which can last up to 3 weeks with Bio Sculpture and Artistic Gel Polish Products.

Our Eye treatments are the best in the West.  It's Official!  We are the key salon for Billion Dollar Brows in the South West and will shortly be training other salons in this wonderful new shaping method that has taken the fashion, media, film and beauty world by storm.  Semi Permanent lash extensions have been around a long time.  We have trained in two different systems and have a variety of lashes so that we can offer the most natural and long lasting look possible.  Our high profile client base demands the very best.  With flexible opening hours and a former British Army Officer overseeing our client privacy - our discretion is assured. 

Still new in the South West but very popular in the Metropolis is the new LVL (Length, Volume and Lift) lash treatment.  This is a wonderfully effective yet low maintenance treatment.  More subtle than lash extensions and with a longer maintenance free period, this is the treatment of choice for professional women and busy mums.  A great option for contact lens wearers and sports enthusiasts - we are just waiting for chaps to discover the benefits.  Beats mascara any day.

Our signature pedicures include Foot Massage and Hard Skin Removal - we treat dancers, soldiers, shop workers and older people and don't shy away from hard-working feet that need work.  Of course we are not chiropodists, so we can't tackle problems needing a prescription or offer scalpel work.  We combine a functional treatment with some feel good pampering to leave your feet walking on air.  We like to see happy feet and you deserve a treat!

We are delighted to be a partner with Divine Herbal Hair Loss Oil.  We have designed a fantastic treatment using this new oil with long established management treatments for hair loss.  Not suitable for pregnant women or cancer suffers, this treatment uses electricity, phototherapy and massage to boost the circulation and improve scalp skin health whilst the booster oil sinks deep into your scalp to nourish and cosset your hair follicles.  Depending on the reasons for your hair thinning/loss we would normally expect you to experience a reduction in hair loss and fingers crossed, an increase in hair growth.  For best results regular treatments will be necessary until the underlying condition improves or resolves itself.  This is not snake oil! however, we will offer you an after care product and advice which is in line with normal protocols for any skin care treatment.

If you're feeling shy about body concerns.  Come and talk to us.  There is a reason why we are so sensitive and understanding!  Superfluous body hair, loose and sagging skin, stretch marks (even 20 years old), cellulite, loss of muscle tone, stubborn fat, triple chins, scaly skin, horrible acne and a few medical related issues - we've experienced it all!  We take pride in being knowledgeable, impartial and honest.  If we can't help or can only offer a management solution, we will say so.  We want to sleep at night and we don't prey on vulnerable people.

We're not counsellors, but we're easy to talk to.  Many of our clients come to us at a demanding time in their life when they could benefit from a little tlc. We like to make a difference - it's a match made in heaven!

We use only the very best products carefully chosen from premium skin care ranges: Murad & DermaCo to ensure that our treatments deliver unmatched results yet our prices are surprisingly reasonable - to keep you returning for more...

Our Proprietor Beatrice trained in the leading Beauty School in Europe and designs all our signature treatments.  Our Senior Therapists Kiran and Alice have over 35 years of experience between them. They specialise in massage and technical and prescription facial treatments.  Kiran is a member of the Guild of Professional Therapists and has over 13 years of expertise in offering IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.  Our Brow threading remains the best in Bath and we have updated our shaping techniques with the Billion Dollar Brows shaping system which has taken the beauty and fashion world by storm on both sides of the Pond!  We are now a Key Billion Dollar Brow salon and will shortly be offering training to other salons in the area.  So if you want the best...

Perfect grooming and feeling at your best from top to toe has always been our speciality and we remain the go to destination for intimate female waxing.  More and more women are embracing wax hair removal and leaving their razors for emergencies.  Don't worry about feeling embarrassed when booking over the phone - ask for a "High" or "Low" or a "Strip" or "Full" Bikini.  (We need to know so that we book you enough time).  For an explanation of these terms please see our treatment list prices.

Coming soon - new Adam and Eve Wax.  Luscious coconut and lime stripless wax especially formulated for sensitive intimate areas.  We also have Tea Tree, Honey and Fragrance free wax with other waxes making occasional guest appearances to ensure that our products are always the best.  If you have had an "allergic" or sensitive reaction to wax in the past - it was probably a therapist error.  Trust us, intimate waxing is not easy and you need plenty of practise and supervision from a master waxer in order to keep discomfort and skin irritation to a minimum.

Not forgetting the man in your life.  Salon grooming for men has really taken off in the last few years and men have been quick to discover the benefits of skin care beyond gillette and palmolive!  All of our treatments are available for men although we don't offer penis and scrotum waxing - we don't have the balls for it!

We also have treatments designed for especially for men such as nostril and ear waxing.  Yes you read that right, our long suffering partners, brothers and fathers were delighted with the results and cannot stop talking about it.  It's not nearly as uncomfortable as you might imagine  - nothing like the agony of tweezing a single nostril hair. We also shape male brows for the ultimate in rugged yet powerful presence.  Good brows command respect!

Gentlemen, if you would like a massage and you are feeling anxious about a female therapist, or if you would really like your bum waxed - please see our FAQ page.  You'll find everything you need to know but are afraid to ask here.  Including what to do if that happens

Looking forward to welcoming you to our salon - oh yes chaps, it's totally normal to ring up and ask for an eyebrow shape or a facial.  Don't be shy

We practice a safe working area policy.  For your safety and to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings we may not be able to offer gentlemen an appointment on the few occasions when we only have one female therapist in the salon.  This is as much for your benefit and comfort as ours.  Please don't be offended if we are unable to offer you an appointment when we are appear to be quiet (and we may be waiting for a client...)

All of our clients - female, male and transgender are absolutely lovely, sympathetic and tolerant.  Our salon is a safe space and a refuge from the normal everyday stresses for everyone.  However, we do offer male only and female only appointment slots on a request basis.  (Please note that at present all of our therapists are female) We may need you to book well in advance and avoid popular times of day to avoid disappointing lots of our regular clients - we hope you will be understanding of our needs as we will try to meet your requirements. 

Oh yes - we offer work experience to carefully selected students preparing for advanced studies.  If you are prepared to receive a treatment from a supervised student and are happy to give us constructive feedback and are available during normal term time hours, please let us know.

We are open 6 days a week and times are flexible. Please note: Out of Hours and Sunday appointments are available upon request. Please send us an email to suggest your suitable times to visit us and we will try our best to arrange that.

Check price guide for Gentlemen's treatments & follow us on Twitter & Facebook for details of our Special Offers...

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